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Looking for a way to promote and support corporate social responsibility and really make a difference? By supporting Sprouteen, you will help realize practical, local and small scale education projects in Africa.

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Sprouteen supports and facilitates local education projects in African developing countries in a very transparent way, giving consumers full freedom of choice. Our foundations promotes better and relevant ways to improve education, by letting consumers choose the projects they want to donate to and show them every penny is well spent, from donation to realization.

Donations are just one way to help us out. We could sure use your business expertise and experience as well to help us organize and run our projects. There are a lot of ways we can work together and help build a better future for Africa.

For a more casual, non-committal way of working together with Sprouteen, like a donation please check out our Supporter page. If you’re looking to build a professional, ongoing relationship with Sprouteen, there’s our Partnership program.

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