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Education in Africa

Africa has a major literacy problem. At least 38% of the adult population cannot read or write well or at all. That means that 153 million people struggle with their own written language.

These are the shocking numbers reported by UNESCO. The numbers indicate that over half of the parents in Africa are unable to help their children with their homework. And there are many more educational problems in Africa:

  • One out of every three children in Africa doesn’t finish grade school. The lack of good teachers, the travel distances to schools and even a shortage of pencils and paper are all part of the problem!
  • Kids usually have to walk several hours to get to school.
  • Many parents choose to keep their kids at home, to help out around the house or get jobs to help support their family, while these kids can make a lot more money later in life if they’re properly educated.

Education is a big issue for Sprouteen. If the African continent has any chance to grow and develop, first and foremost education needs to be improved and become more attractive. And this is exactly why we started Sprouteen in the first place.

But we can’t solve all the educational problems in Africa all at once. How do you instantly improve education for over 40 million children south of the Sahara, all of whom don’t even go to school? You can’t. And we don’t believe the projects and people who say they can.

And that’s why Sprouteen starts small. We invest in small scale educational projects for kids and teens. We helped rebuild a school library in Ghana, we financed a school bus to help handicapped students commute to school and back. All affordable projects that really get tangible results in Africa. Small investments with a huge impact for kids and teenagers.

And bit by bit, we’re making a real difference, together. And together, we’ll also make sure that kids of all ages are better educated than the adults today.

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