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Sprouteen is open to any and all of your questions, comments and suggestions. But to make things a little easier (and save us some time) here are the most frequently asked questions, along with the answers of course!


The Sprouteen Foundation actively promotes and stimulates better education for kids in Africa. We support local educational projects in African developing countries in a transparent way. When you make a donation, you get to choose the project you want to donate to. And we’ll also show you that every penny is well spent, from donation to realization.

Sprouteen offers you that choice by featuring different projects on the website. For every project, you’ll see the project’s goal, how much they need and what happens to your donation. That way, you’ll get to see that your contribution actually contributes to creating a better world.
Sprouteen is a charity foundation started by Dutch teenagers, to help out African teenagers and kids. Sprouteen was started by Esmée Cruiming and Roban Reuvers and the foundation is run by three experienced board members. And we also work with a lot of volunteers. You can check out more about our team on the Who is Sprouteen page.
Currently, Sprouteen features and supports projects in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania. Our goal is to get every child on the African continent to be able to go to school. Because, in the end, all development starts with education.
Sprout comes from sprouties, being the healthy germs in seeds that represent growth and development. And ‘teen’ is of course pretty evident, seeing as we’re teenagers.


We write blogs on a regular basis on how the different projects develop. And, after you’ve made a donation, you can also sign up for our email newsletter, with all the updates on the projects. If you’ve helped Sprouteen in any other way and would like to receive regular updates, just drop us a line at
Aside from making a donation, you can help us out big time by spreading the word and letting people know about Sprouteen. We’ve included a few examples on how to do this on our Stand up for Sprouteen page.
Yes, every contribution helps. We don’t transfer the full amount all at once, but in several terms. That way, the project can keep on running and extra funding is still possible.
No, but these projects usually have a bigger impact range, so more kids are able to go to school. And as you can imagine, more kids means more money is needed.
We’ve written a separate article about this topic. You can read all about it here.
Very likely! We do have a couple of rules and conditions to ensure quality though. You can read about it here.


Of course! We’re convinced that everything starts with proper education. Learning how to read and write ensures that kids are able to broaden their horizons, think better and go on to live very productive lives. It’s the start of everything.
Sprouteen features projects that are specifically focussed on giving the local population the tools and means to support themselves. We’re just there to lay the foundation, not pave the whole way.
Sprouteen uses the Dutch CBF quality guidelines for charities, stipulating that at least 75% of donations go directly to development projects. We’re hoping we can go up to 85% in the near future though. The other 15% would be used to pay for the site and promotion. We wish we could rack up the percentage to 100% going to projects, but sadly, we have our expenses as well.
Everyone working for Sprouteen does so on a voluntary basis. If necessary, we do pay for expenses made by our volunteers.
No, and we’re definitely not planning on doing so, now and in the future.
No. Thankfully, all the money made from donations can be used to improve education in Africa.


Yes. Just send and email to
No. One of our rules for projects is that they don’t come from a political organization or union.
Despite our strict quality guidelines and regulations, we unfortunately can’t absolutely guarantee that a project will be successful. But so far however, all of our projects have been very successful. If that does happen, it will of course be featured in our annual report.
We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers that want to help out improving education in Africa. Please contact us if you are interested.
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