Sprouteen's mission

We help kids in Africa grow by actively promoting and supporting better education. And healthy growth starts not just with the sprout, but also by knowing the soil in which it grows. This is precisely why we feature and support smaller scale, local projects, because who knows better what’s really needed to get results than the people with their feet on the ground?

For example, what’s the use of a library when it’s far too hot and dark inside, because there are no windows and barely any ventilation? Or what’s the use of sending over bicycles to help kids get to school faster, when the roads and traffic are dismal and there’s no one there to teach them how to ride a bicycle?

Not every problem has the same solution and sometimes other issues need to be addressed to move the bigger picture forward. To help give kids in Africa the best education and the best educational resources, knowledge of the local situation is essential. Knowing the culture, knowing which methods, resources and solutions work and which ones don’t. And this is the core of our philosophy: good education and healthy growth, by promoting small, local projects with the largest impact.

Donating through crowdfunding: your choice, full transparency.

Good education essentially starts with your donation. That’s why we think transparency is just as important as getting great results, so you can rest assured that your contribution actually contributes to creating a better world.

That’s why we chose to use crowdfunding, so you can choose which of our projects you want to donate to, and how much you want to give. Other than that, we’ll show you how much is needed and how much has already been donated. And of course we’ll also keep you informed of everything we’ve accomplished with your donation.

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