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More Africa Paje, Zanzibar (Tanzania)

If you can sit down, you’re allowed to go to school in Zanzibar. But if sitting down is not an option, you’re in trouble. With this project, we can ensure that children with a physical disability are able to go to school too!

Teachers in Zanzibar haven’t had the specialized training to adequately care for physically disabled children. And this is the main reason many handicapped children are unable to read, write or even count to ten. Frustrated teachers sometimes even resort to physical violence, and those kids often aren’t able to continue their education because they can’t keep up with the rest.

Hi! I’m Ellen van Beers and I’m the founder of More Africa. Currently, our foundation is taking care of 15 disabled children and it’s my goal and dream to help these kids reach their full potential. The way to do that, is to set up a special town center in Zanzibar for these kids. So, for this Sprouteen project, we would like to raise money for therapy, education and medical care for disabled children.

We also want to make a long term difference for the kids. That’s why we don’t run everything ourselves, but also involve all the parents. We give them parenting advice, teach them to speak English and make sure they can earn extra income, for example by sewing clothes. And every month, we organize an activity, like educational evenings for the parent or making house calls.

More Africa believes in a combination of education and therapy to really make a difference for local kids and their parents. Enabling children to keep up in school and make them feel like regular kids at the same time is just wonderful. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us accomplish just that!

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