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More Africa Paje, Zanzibar (Tanzania)

In Zanzibar, it’s extremely difficult for children to be able to get to school. Public transportation is usually off limits for kids, and handicapped children are often flat out refused by the drivers. If we had a car, we could use it to help handicapped kids commute to school every day!

There are few hospitals in Zanzibar, among them one ‘mental hospital’ and a state hospital. The first one takes care of the disabled, but also treats drug addicts. But there’s limited knowledge and treatment options for mentally disabled children. Two year-olds for example, are often far too easily diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Another issue is transportation. Public transport is off limits for children, because they pay less fare than adults, and subsequently bring in less money. Disabled children are flat out refused, making it even more difficult to adequately help them.

More Africa is working on a healthcare plan to improve support for children. We accomplish this to work together with the parents and visit the children themselves. And we’d like to make more house calls to the kids who need it most – the kids who don’t have the recources or ability to come to us. We need transportation to be able to do that, because taxis are very expensive on the island.

On Zanzibar, the most common type of van is the Toyota Noah. These vans hold seven people and it’s really easy to make the vans wheelchair accessible. A reliable, second hand Toyota Noah on Zanzibar, costs between 3.000 to 3.500 euros. And your donations to help buy a van, would be greatly appreciated!

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