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Kidz Active Foundation Tamale, Ghana

In an area in Ghana where starvation is still a big problem, Kidz Active Netherlands gives 550 children shelter, education and one hot meal a day. And unfortunately, that one hot meal is the the only daily meal for the majority of these children. Can you help us out?

Hi, I’m Yvonne, one of six volunteers of Kidz Active Netherlands. We’re a small foundation here in the Netherlands. There’s six of us (including bookkeeper and webmaster), but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in passion and effort.

And it’s with those efforts that we started the Kidz Active school in Northwestern Ghana, about 700-800 inland. We have a daycare center, two kindergarten classrooms, six grade school classes and three junior high classes. We even have two playgrounds, a track field, our own first aid post and a seperate computer classroom! We’ve managed all this without any sponsors or grants and we’re very proud of that accomplishment.

We take care of school uniforms, books, pencils, erasers and paper; everything kids need for their education. We also take care of school maintenance, the teachers and the daily hot meals for kids.

To keep all that going, it requires money. We need about 3000 euros per month to provide for meals and teacher salaries (good for local standards) so we can continue to give quality education.

Could you help keep our Kidz Active school running. We would be very grateful! Twice a year, two of our volunteers visit the school to check up on things and help working out the projects. And of course we will keep you informed about everything we were able to accomplish with your donations!


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