Eighty school desks for Ethiopia

Education in the Northern Part of Ethiopia AbiAdi, Ethiopia

Construction of the school in AbiAdi, Ethiopia, is currently halfway done, but the classrooms that are already finished are still empty. This is why I hope to raise money for school desks, so we can help out 160 children!

My name is Elly and I used to be a high school teacher in Ethiopia. I’m currently retired, but still passionately working on improving education in the northern part of Ethiopia, having already opened as many as twelve schools. The current one in AbiAdi is number thirteen and we can reach a lot of kids from the surrounding impoverished area with this school.
Unfortunately, the money for constructing it has run out. We have the foundation for four classrooms, with two of them currently finished. All we have in those two classrooms are school boards and the kids all have to sit on the floor. With this Sprouteen project, I’m hoping to get 80 school desks for the kids, which will sit two kids per desk. So we would be able to teach 160 kids in total!
Building a single school desk will cost 50 euros. And I also want to help create employment in the region by having them built locally. It would be absolutely wonderful if you could support us and help 160 kids!

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