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Education in the Northern Part of Ethiopia AbiAdi, Ethiopia

We were able to complete half the school in AbiAdi, Ethiopia. But we’ve run out of money unfortunately, so can you help us out finishing the construction and open our school?

My name is Elly and I used to be a high school teacher in Ethiopia. I’m currently retired, but still passionately working on improving education in the northern part of Ethiopia, having already opened as many as twelve schools. The current one in AbiAdi is number thirteen and we can reach a lot of kids from the surrounding impoverished area with this school.

With have the school finished, we can already start teaching 160 kids. They start their education in their native languages Tigrya and Amharic. After that, they’ll be taught English in the 4th grade. I’d love to be teaching more kids in the area, but for now, we will have to make do.

That’s because we ran out of money. We have two classrooms finished and built the foundations for another two. When finished, we would be able to teach another 160 new students. It would be absolutely wonderful if you could help us out, so we can finish building our school!

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