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International Conservation & Cleanup Management Lilongwe, Malawi

A short description of ICCM

International Conservation and Clean up Management (ICCM) is a newly formed registered non-profit organization in Malawi. 82% of people in Malawi are living in rural conditions and depend on the natural environment for resources. A low standard of services and understanding of the environment exacerbates water borne disease outbreaks which occur every year. We are here to facilitate improvement in health and clean environments at rural and peri-urban communities in Malawi through schemes that reduce, reuse and recycle waste in a manner that provides social and economic improvements to their livelihoods.

Our team is composed of well experienced individuals who want to help in transforming the current environmental waste management trend in Malawi. After architecture, permaculture and other environmental design courses we know Malawi is rich in natural resources (including waste) and want to share the knowledge and empower people for a change in mind set. 

We use holistic solutions: finding income from social corporate responsibility and awareness events that is used for capacity building and income generating activities in the areas of need. Our innovative strategies and use of existing structures will benefit Malawi as waste management is tackled through collaboration and mobilization of various interested stakeholders. 

We have created an impact throughout Lilongwe in the last 1 ½ years on the ground as have identified a gap in the waste management process. There are many existing projects including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs that need development on recycling and using waste as a resource. This economic incentive is crucial for people to own the project while ensuring a successful sustainable approach.

As an organization that is strongly committed to rural development we have created a platform for continual research and to support ideas towards designing and constructing sufficient innovative devices. These unique innovations using waste will release the pressure on the environment. There is a need for communities to own and spread the technologies which is why ICCM facilitate community participation workshops to empower people themselves to ensure continuity.

ICCM have researched and worked with all types of sectors including private/public; industrial, markets, commercial, households and institutes. Through experience we now understand where the gaps lie and how ICCM can work with City Council, Government, Schools and many NGO’s. We are passionate to work with communities to change the outlook of waste, for people to understand and obtain proof that all types of waste are very resourceful. 

A description of the project

The careless throw away culture in Malawi has built up waste and pollution in roads, drains, streams and therefore rivers causing serious environmental and health issues. There are few resources for efficient waste management and therefore very few waste sorting structures in Lilongwe.

Our ICCM strategy has been focussed on how best we can answer the following questions;

  1. How can we support communities and better share knowledge for successful income generating activities using waste?
  2. How can we encourage people to work together to develop holistic waste management throughout Lilongwe?
  3. How can we advocacy and ensure laws are being abided by?
  4. How can we sustainably scale up our services to increase our social impact while cleaning the environment throughout Malawi?

Malawi has a society full of practical skilled people. There are often struggles to find work in Lilongwe, especially in the more rural areas but people lacking money can be more resourceful by cleaning and reusing the endless supply of unmanaged waste. As waste innovations and ideas grow within our ICCM team we can influence and manage passionate groups of people looking for work.  This will have a very positive effect on people collecting and using the resources some call waste.

ICCM want to promote and use existing structures. We have setup household and office recycling collections and now more NGO’s are interested in building capacity within communities to show how people can sustain themselves while eradicating waste. We also have several ongoing education programs that need good planning and innovative programs. We have therefore decided the money would be best spent as start-up costs for our own office space. This would be practical to invite other NGO’s for important meetings, arrange our logistics and have facilities to print and organize ourselves efficiently. 

The budget attached has quotes from Game (South Africa chain) store and stationers in Lilongwe, all items can therefore have a receipt unless we find better costs elsewhere. We understand we must prove the finance costs are correct so we will ensure to get a receipt on all items possible.

ICCM Budget

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