Provide doors for a school in Paje

More Africa Paje, Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Hi! I’m Ellen van Beers and I’m the founder of More Africa. Currently, our NGO is taking care of 26 disabled children and it’s my goal and dream to help these kids reach their full potential. We achieve to do that, in our center in Paje, Zanzibar. We offer special education and physical therapy for children with disabilities in age from 0 to 20.

When our whole center is ready we will also have 10 bungalows for paying guest who will fund the project. Our center, the special school is ready except for 1 thing... We dont have doors in the classrooms.

For security reasons, but also for the fact to have more peace and quiet in the school, we are looking for a sponsor who can donate us 3 doors. 1 door is around 150 euro. The doors are all handmade here in Zanzibar.

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