Stand up for Sprouteen

With Sprouteen, it’s super easy to contribute to improving education for kids in Africa. But.. you can also help us out and encourage others to support our projects in Africa. Spread the word to your community, family and friends and help out the African youth!

Want to introduce others to Sprouteen? Do you want to make a donation together and support one of our great Sprouteen projects? You can! There’s a lot of different ways to help us out!

Sponsor run

Organize your own Sprouteen Sponsor Run and ask all your friends to join you! All the participants will collect donations from their friends and family, and afterwards of course, everyone will join the run and raise their own donations for charity.

School presentation or essay

What does Sprouteen do exactly to help out kids in Africa? And why is that kind of help so much needed? It’s a great topic for your school presentation or essay and it’s also a great way to spread the word and tell others what we do. And to make your school assignment a little easier, we’ve got this nifty folder packed with all the information, examples and photos you need! Just contact us!

Chores around the neighbourhood

The great thing about charity is that it’s okay to ask for money when doing everyday chores around the house. Help out your grandma by doing the dishes or help your local farmer feeding the cows. There’s all kinds of crazy ideas you can come up with to help out and raise money for charity!

Bottle deposits

The classic way, tried and true still. Go around the neighbourhood, collect bottles and use the deposit to make a donation and help kids in Africa. It’s also a great way to clean up!

Flea market

Got some old stuff lying around in the attic that you never use anymore? Why not organize a yard sale and donate the money to one of Sprouteen’s projects? Happy buyers, happy African kids!

Car wash

Why not help out and organize your own neighbourhood car wash? You’ll make the neighbours happy and raise money for charity at the same time!

Help kids in Africa grow.

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